Google's Strategy for the Digital Markets Act 2023: Impact and Analysis for Europe

by Elijah Turner, Senior Developer

Google's Strategic Response to the Digital Markets Act in Europe


Google, a dominant player in the digital market, is in the process of adapting its services and products in response to the European Union's Digital Markets Act (DMA). This proactive approach is set to significantly alter the interaction landscape for users and businesses across Europe.

Google's Compliance with the DMA

Recognized as a "gatekeeper" in the digital marketplace, Google has been closely monitoring the developments of the DMA, a regulatory framework introduced by the European Union. With the DMA set to take effect in March 2024, Google is initiating several key changes to its operations and services to align with these new regulations.

Evolving User Consent and Data Sharing Practices

One of the critical areas Google is addressing is user consent for data sharing. European users will soon encounter a new consent banner, asking them to approve or deny the sharing of their data across Google's services. This move underscores the growing emphasis on privacy and user control in the digital age.

Transforming Search Engine Experience

Google's adaptation to the DMA also includes significant modifications to its search engine results pages (SERPs), particularly in the way it displays and integrates external content.

Revamping Search Results and Integrating Comparison Sites

Users searching for products and services, like hotels or flights, will soon notice a shift in how Google presents these results. The company plans to incorporate links to comparison sites, enhancing visibility and choice for consumers. This development is a boon for comparison websites, as it elevates their presence in Google's search results.

Removal of Google Flights from SERPs

In an unexpected move, Google will remove certain features from its search results, including Google Flights. This decision reflects Google's commitment to providing a more balanced and competitive digital environment in line with the DMA's objectives.

Enhancing Consumer Choice in Browsers and Search Engines

Another significant aspect of Google's compliance strategy involves providing users with greater control over their choice of default search engines and browsers. This will be particularly evident on Android devices and in the Chrome browser across various platforms.

Advancing Data Portability Initiatives

In alignment with the DMA's focus on data portability, Google is intensifying its efforts in this area. The company is enhancing its existing tools, like Google Takeout, and developing new APIs to simplify the transfer of user data to third-party applications.

Google's Investment in Data Transfer and Portability

This move towards improved data portability not only aligns with regulatory requirements but also demonstrates Google's commitment to user empowerment and flexibility in data management.


Google's comprehensive response to the DMA highlights the company's adaptability and commitment to regulatory compliance. These changes, ranging from user consent protocols to search engine modifications, reflect a significant shift in how Google operates within the European digital market. As the DMA comes into effect, these adaptations by Google will likely set new standards for privacy, choice, and competition in the digital realm.

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